March 2019 – Flagstaff Pickleball Association: The Flagstaff Pickleball Association (FPA) was formed to give a voice to the Flagstaff pickleball community. The FPA works with the City of Flagstaff, Coconino County, and other entities to promote pickleball in and around Flagstaff. 

September 2019 – Lined Courts at Bushmaster Park: The FPA worked with the City of Flagstaff to develop the first free, public pickleball courts in town. Through this effort, Bushmaster Park became home to 8 lined pickleball courts. The FPA manages the temporary nets required for open play.

August 2021 – Engage Pickleball Camp at Bushmaster Park: The FPA worked with Engage Pickleball to bring their Pro Pickleball Camp to Flagstaff. Players from all over Arizona enjoyed this opportunity to improve their game.

August 2021 – Lined Court at Raymond County Park, Kachina: The FPA worked with Coconino County Parks & Rec to line a free, public pickleball court at Raymond County Park, greatly improving access to pickleball for residents of Kachina, Mountainaire and Munds Park.

October 2021 – Dedicated Pickleball Courts at Ponderosa Park: Responding to the input from the FPA, the City of Flagstaff built the first 2 dedicated pickleball courts at Ponderosa Park.

April 2022 – $700K Designated for Pickleball in the Flagstaff City Budget: Acknowledging the overwhelming demand for dedicated pickleball courts, the City of Flagstaff designated $700,000 for pickleball in the 2022-23 City Budget. This will be used to build dedicated pickleball courts at a site to be determined.

May 2022 – Second Lined Court at Raymond County Park: At the Request of the FPA, the County lined a second pickleball court at Raymond County Park, allowing for more robust open play.

May 2022 – Semipermanent Nets at Bushmaster Park: The FPA worked with the City of Flagstaff and C&D Pickleball Nets to install 6 semipermanent nets at Bushmaster Park – greatly improving availability of the courts to the public – with 6 pickleball courts available to everyone all day, every day. Join the fun!

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