March 2019 – Flagstaff Pickleball Association: The Flagstaff Pickleball Association (FPA) was formed to give a voice to the Flagstaff pickleball community. The FPA works with the City of Flagstaff, Coconino County, and other entities to promote pickleball in and around Flagstaff. 

September 2019 – Lined Courts at Bushmaster Park: The FPA worked with the City of Flagstaff to develop the first free, public pickleball courts in town. Through this effort, Bushmaster Park became home to 8 lined pickleball courts. The FPA manages the temporary nets required for open play.

August 2021 – Engage Pickleball Camp at Bushmaster Park: The FPA worked with Engage Pickleball to bring their Pro Pickleball Camp to Flagstaff. Players from all over Arizona enjoyed this opportunity to improve their game.

August 2021 – Lined Court at Raymond County Park, Kachina: The FPA worked with Coconino County Parks & Rec to line a free, public pickleball court at Raymond County Park, greatly improving access to pickleball for residents of Kachina, Mountainaire and Munds Park.

October 2021 – Dedicated Pickleball Courts at Ponderosa Park: Responding to the input from the FPA, the City of Flagstaff built the first 2 dedicated pickleball courts at Ponderosa Park.

April 2022 – $700K Designated for Pickleball in the Flagstaff City Budget: Acknowledging the overwhelming demand for dedicated pickleball courts, the City of Flagstaff designated $700,000 for pickleball in the 2022-23 City Budget. This will be used to build dedicated pickleball courts at a site to be determined. See below.

May 2022 – Second Lined Court at Raymond County Park: At the Request of the FPA, the County lined a second pickleball court at Raymond County Park, allowing for more robust open play.

May 2022 – Semipermanent Nets at Bushmaster Park: The FPA worked with the City of Flagstaff and C&D Pickleball Nets to install 6 semipermanent nets at Bushmaster Park – greatly improving availability of the courts to the public – with 6 pickleball courts available to everyone all day, every day. Join the fun!

October/November 2022 – Future Pickleball Courts at Thorpe Park Annex: The FPA, with strong support from the Flagstaff pickleball community, worked diligently with the City of Flagstaff to include 6 dedicated pickleball courts in the design of Thorpe Park Annex. While the Flagstaff City Council removed the pickleball courts from the final approved design of Thorpe Park Annex, they committed to future pickleball courts within Thorpe Park at the site of the old dog park along Thorpe Park Road. The FPA will continue to work with the City of Flagstaff Park and Recreation to build these courts.

Coming Summer 2023 – Dedicated Pickleball Courts at Bushmaster Park and Resurfacing of the Lower Dual-Striped Courts: Utilizing funds approved by the City Council in April 2022, the City of Flagstaff, with input from the FPA, is beginning design and construction of 8 dedicated pickleball courts with lights at Bushmaster Park, just east of the basketball courts, for a total of 16 pickleball courts at the park! Included in the plans is resurfacing of the lower dual-striped courts.

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