Support Flagstaff Pickleball

Fun and easy ways to support the growth of pickleball in Flagstaff…

Sign our Petition to the City Council

Flag Needs Courts! – Prioritize Developing Dedicated Pickleball Courts in Flagstaff
Click this link –
The FPA recommends against donating for this petition, instead share it with friends.

Play with Us

By simply “showing up” you are doing your part! When you attend open play events at Bushmaster Park, it shows the City Council that there is a demand for public pickleball courts in Flagstaff.

Check PicklePlay, Facebook or Twitter for updates on when and where we are playing.

Create an Account on PicklePlay

This is a great way for us to be able to show that there is a demand for pickleball in Northern Arizona!

This app allows you to find courts, clubs, events, and players in your area. You can also organize games and events through the app.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Follow us on Social Media

The Flagstaff Pickleball Association has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. By following, liking, and sharing our content, you are helping to spread the word about pickleball.


Tell Your Friends!

Do you know others who are interested in pickleball? Whether they are visitors or residents, beginners or advanced, get them involved!

Anyone and everyone is welcome at open play at Bushmaster Park!

Attend City Council Meetings

By attending City Council meetings with a pickleball paddle, t-shirt or hat you are showing the Council your support for the development of public courts in Flagstaff.

The FPA will send an email to everyone on our email list before important City Council meetings. To get on our list, send an email to

Host Play at Bushmaster Park

If you are an active player willing to set up, take down (and secure) the nets at Bushmaster Park, please let us know.

We need hosts for morning and evening play.

Use Our Discount Code When Shopping At Pickleball Central

Get 5% off at with the Ambassador Rewards program!

When you use the Flagstaff Ambassador rewards code “ARjkottra” you will save 5% and Pickleball Central will donate an additional 5% of the purchase price to your local USA Pickleball Ambassador Rewards fund for use developing pickleball in Flagstaff.

Do you have any skills / talents that you could bring to the FPA? Please contact us via email! We need your help.

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