Big changes – There are no more let serves! If a ball hits the net on a serve and lands in the correct service court, the ball is live and must be played! Serves can also now be taken off a bounce.

USA Pickleball 2022 Official Rule Book:

USA Pickleball 2022 Rule Changes Document:

Rules Summary

Pickleball can be played as singles or doubles. The following is a summary of rules for doubles.

SERVING: The serve must be underhand. The player serving must stand behind the baseline and serve into the court diagonally opposite from them. The side and back lines count as “in,” but the front (or “kitchen”) line is out.

Each player on a team gets a turn to serve, except at the very beginning of the game where only one player will serve before a “side out” is called.

SCORING: You can only score points when your team is serving. The partner on the right side of the court always serves first when a side-out is called.

At the beginning of the game, the score will be called as “0-0 Server 2.” If the team serving wins the point, they will switch sides and the same person will continue serving. The score will now be called as “1-0 Server 2.” If the team serving loses the point, it will be a “side-out.” The other team will now begin serving. The person on the right side of the court will call the score as “0-1 Server 1.” This player will continue serving as long as the team continues to win rallies (making sure to switch sides after every point.) If this team loses the rally (while Server 1 is still serving), the partners do not switch sides, but Server 2 will have an opportunity to serve. If the team loses the rally while Server 2 is scoring, it’s a “side-out.”

THE KITCHEN: The no-volley-zone near the net is known as the kitchen. Players may not hit the ball in the air while standing in this zone. Players also may not “fall into” the kitchen after hitting the ball out of the air. Players may enter the kitchen at any point during the rally and may hit the ball while standing in the kitchen as long as it bounces first.

TWO-BOUNCE-RULE: Players on the serving team must allow the ball to bounce on their side when the ball is returned. Both players on the serving team should stay at the baseline at the beginning of the rally in order to avoid a fault.

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